The brand is a weapon. A piece of cutting-edge stuff that helps your business stay ahead of the marketing curve. And just as a knife that has been used a bit too often, gets blunt, branding as a science has the habit of blunting its edge. Sharpening the cutting-edge keeping in mind new realities, is an imperative of businesses.

This sharpening of blunted-edge is relevant to businesses old nd new alike. Standing apart from the clutter of it all is the imperative of the retail brand, as it is the imperative of the product or service offering. It is as relevant to businesses in e-commerce, hyper-local deliveries as is it to businesses that reside,on the cloud .

- Mr Harish Bijoor Founder , Harish Bijoor Consults Inc September 28, 2016

Brand is the customer-facing manifestation of a company’s marketing efforts and one of the most critical strategic assets of the firm. Managing brands that reflect consumers’ evolving tastes, preferences and buying habits require resources, skills and competencies of the organization.Nurturing and managing brands in the new era therefore need deeper understanding of the evolving world and the branding challenges.

The Brand Summit 2016 organized by CII is a very important forum where experts from the field of marketing and branding share their perspectives, experiences and knowledge on brands and brand management. It is not often that best in class professionals in marketing and branding come together and Brand Summit 2016 organized by CII is one such must-attend event .

- Prof Abraham Koshy Professor , Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad September 28, 2016

Brand is the experience

In the heady days of image building there lay emphasis on the visual, and enormous amounts of time and money were spent reating the perfect logo. The Mad Men (and women) of the advertising world would help a brand create an identity, relying on their dazzling talents to help the brand make great promises and seduce consumers in droves. Who cared if the brands actually delivered on any of those promises?

Today, "brand is the image” era is long over.

The internet has opened up an unprecedented level of scrutiny for brands, requiring them to be absolutely transparent in everything they do. This has entirely changed the dynamics of what matters to customers. Corporations and brands have never been as crutinized as they are at present. All aspects of operations, from sourcing to sales, are under the microscope and any misstep in one part of the chain can have grave consequences on the overall reputation of the company or brand.

A brand is the sum of associations formed by the positive and negative brand experiences it creates for its customers. Where a product is available, how it is sold, how easy it is to buy, whether it makes a difference in the customer’s life, what the consumer experience is like—these are all critical ingredients for building a brand .

- Ms Lu Lu Raghavan Managing Director , Landor September 28, 2016

Branding has evolved from being a name which distinguishes a product or service to a life-like being, which is constantly communicating with and listening to its customers and stakeholders. With customers and stakeholders constantly fragmenting into smaller and coherent groups, and communication mediums proliferating; branding has acquired a role which goes beyond a name. It has become a promise and a responsibility .

- Mr Bijou Kurien Member, Strategic Advisory Board , L Capital Asia October 4, 2016

The Age of Fluid Marketing: Intersections, Overlaps and Blurring Lines As a marketer of beverages, Its almost like the liquid in the bottle has become my theory of marketing. Can we ever separate the lime, the soda, the water? The cola from the fizz?
Where does media end and shelf begin? Where does creativity end and technology begin? Where does technology end and commerce begin?

Where does social listening end and online market research begin?

  • No lines between marketer and consumer: Consumer as co-marketer in Crash the Pepsi IPL
  • No lines between media and shelf: engage every step of the way, seamlessly. Does the pack tell the same story as communication – the Pepsi emoji bottles.
  • No lines between strategy and storytelling: the Mountain Dew heroic stories on sleeves.

As screens merge, so does various facets of consumer life, and so does marketing .

- Mr Vipul Prakash Chief Marketing Officer , Pepsico India Ltd October 4, 2016