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About CII Brand Summit

In today’s globally inter-connected and flat world, organizations deal with many generations of consumers, each with distinct needs, preferences, attitudes and behaviors – a situation that history has never witnessed before. Gen Z, Gen Y or the Millennials, Gen X and the ‘Silver Generation’ have different characteristics that drive their choices.

Rising incomes in the hands of a young population, a growing economy, expansion in the availability of products and services, rapid changes in technology and new business models enable today’s Indian customers to interact deeply with brands. Digitization has made it easier for companies to reach audiences and engage consumers in unique and personalised ways.

Against this background, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) is organizing the 7th edition of CII International Brand Summit in Chennai on 20 - 21 September 2019. The theme this year is ‘Building Brands across Generations’: A to Z of XYZ Gen.

CII Brand Summit History

The Brand Summit event will examine some of these changes and look at new strategies required to stay relevant.

The Objectives of the Brand Summit include :

  • To establish thought leadership in branding
  • Understanding various branding strategies
  • Preparing for the next model of branding in changing scenarios

Who Should Attend

CEOs, CMOs, Senior Marketing, Branding, Advertising and Sales Professionals, SMEs, Startup’s and young entrepreneurs, Web and social media strategists, Marketing and PR agencies, Market Researchers and Analysts, Brand and Business Consultants, Press and Media Professionals, Representatives from Government and Management Students.